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No wonder Azteca is my favorite world...

Hey there! I just thought of something... "maybe I should share some things about me to my fellow wizards around the Spiral" and, I think maybe I should!

I am one of the millions of people around the world that plays Wizard101. I started playing the game back in 2010. Doing some research about virtual worlds, I found a very interesting name in one list, "Wizard101", that's where I found out about this game. Now, I felt some excitement right from the start, ya' know, that awesome wizard creator page. It was the first time I heard Merle Ambrose's voice. Now, I made it right through the registration page, clicked that shiny button "PLAY!" with some wizards playing around it. The game downloaded, and made my first steps in the Spiral, as a Pyromancer. It is where my magical adventures around the Spiral begun.

The time came that I went into a very long hiatus. That was after the world of Avalon. I just felt that there's nothing that can be done anymore, I got that boredom feeling. So I altered my attention into something else. If I am not mistaken, I think it was almost one year. Just this year, I returned to the Spiral. To my surprise, there were hundreds of new things! Worlds, spells, pets, features, clothes, amazement, magic, excitement, wait... I think I've said too much. But really, in the simplest sense, the Spiral has become even better! From that point, I continued my journey.

Now, as for the blog. I've realized that there are dozens of fan sites now. From Wizard101 Central to other different community blogs out there. That's why I thought of making a blog, to join the community, and to share! Right from the start, well, I wanted to create blogs about the things I am interested, like Wizard101. I made the blog not to compete, but to join the community. That is all.
So, I might have talked much. But, I guess that's all for now.

Enjoy reading, and oh!

See you around the Spiral!

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