Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mount-A-Palooza is here!

Something in the speed of 40% is going on in the Spiral, and I am sure you're going to like it!

What is it you ask? Well, it is the...

Screenshot of the Mount-A-Palooza announcement in the "Ravenwood News"

Yup, Mount-A-Palooza is here!

DISCOUNT. Most mounts are now, if not less than 5,000 Crowns, are exactly 5,000 crowns! Ever wanted to ride on that stormy cloud? Now's the best time to buy one!

Wait! There's more! There are two brand new mounts, now roaming around the spiral...

First on the spotlight is the Gold-Wrought Eagle (Permanent) in which provides an additional 40% speed (like most of the mounts), and the second one is the Dual Dragonflyer (Permanent) mount; you read it right -- dual. It's a two-player mount! 

I would suggest going to the Crowns Shop as mounts are everywhere!

See you around the Spiral, friends!

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