Sunday, April 13, 2014

KingsIsle Assures That Websites Are NOT Affected

In the past weeks, a bug has been discovered that has been active for the past two years. Known as the "Heartbleed bug", dozens of websites became affected. Websites that are vulnerable to the said bug are those that uses a tool called "OpenSSL".

There might be some wizards out there that are worried if Wizard101 is affected by the said internet issue. KingsIsle have assured that neither their systems nor their websites have been affected by the bug. This announcement can be seen in the Wizard101 Message Boards.

Here is a screenshot of the message posted in the Message Boards:

Quoted message:

"We are aware of the recent Heartbleed Bug internet vulnerability issue and can confirm that none of the KingsIsle systems or websites were impacted. If you wish to have further clarification about the bug itself visit"

See you around the Spiral!

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